As the city continues to grow, DMA frequently the idea of compact design and planning for future expansion. The idea of looking back to move forward is crucial in DMA's day-to-day contribution to the historical city.

Haymarket Square, located at a busy intersection, was being reduced to a lost streetscape in the early 2000s. Previously a service station, the site began to slowly disappear into the city fabric over the decades.

The owner of the service station approached DMA with an idea to redevelop the site into a multi-unit condominium building. DMA wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity by designing a residential building that would help protect outdoor spaces, encourage walk-ability and not only comply with but embellish the city's notion to make the neighborhood more appealing.

The building's shape took careful planning and design as the project was on a site bounded on three sides by main downtown streets. DMA holds the Haymarket Square development as an important precedence when rolling up their sleeves and dreaming of the future planning of Portsmouth.