Defining the edge. An urban in-fill project to enforce a lost streetscape. For DMA, urban in-fill projects can be a chance to help a community discover part of its character it never realized was missing.

To give life to an empty lot in Portsmouth, NH, we decided to bring a traditional streetscape to the city's Downtown. As a historic area, though, this required extra levels of review by the Historic Board.

DMA designed 11 rowhouse style townhouses, while traditional to many seaside New England towns, were not a style found in Portsmouth. The exterior complements the area's brick architecture while unique gable roofs feel a part of, but not the same as, the rest of the city.

Raised first-floor entrances provide progression from public to private space. Inside, the units feature spacious three-level with stairwells open top to bottom so skylights can fill the units with light. By truly understanding the community, we improved the city's pedestrian experience while maximizing the feasibility of the lot, as well as the developer's return on investment.