Green Will Boost Your Bottom Line


Building Business & Profits 

Building Green can boost your bottom line, give you an edge on the competition, increase your profits, cut operating and maintenance costs and enhance your public image --- all for little or no extra cost.

Benefits for Commercial Builders & Owner Occupants:

Distinguish yourself in the marketplace Improve lease-up and occupancy rates Command higher rents Reduce your risk and liability Increase market value of your project Lower operating and maintenance costs Increase employee satisfaction, health and productivity Financial Facts to Consider:

Lease-up rates for green buildings can be 20% above average Building green can command rents of up to 10% above market Green buildings, on average use 30% less energy and for every $1 psf saved in operating expenses property value increases $10 psf based on a 10% cap rate. (Source - NRDC, National Resource Defense Council)

The market for building green is growing and DeStefano Architects is committed to helping our clients integrate improved energy efficient technologies and sustainable design into their projects. We encourage and coordinate the use of technologies such as geothermal, photo-voltaic electrical and thermal systems, improved insulation materials and products and are staying one step ahead by continuously educating ourselves on emerging technologies and methods.

At D|A we believe in taking a whole building approach and whether it is a commercial office building or a new home, we design your building as a single integrated system - a key strategy in green construction. Our clients benefit from this approach, as it involves the collaboration of the architect and owners with the engineers, contractors and subcontractors in order to create a building that works and ages well.

Our Approach:

Set goals with cost analysis and energy pay-back periods Integrate design and building process Engineer for environmental value Utilize LEED rating system as guide Perform diagnostic testing to ensure system performance Take advantage of available incentives The end result is a healthier, safer, more comfortable, durable, affordable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible home or commercial space.

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