Possibilities Unlimited


August 2004

Lack of space is often a challenge whether you want a pool in addition to a house built within a small lot or simply more bookshelves to store your growing collection. Fortunately innovative solutions for capturing maximum space in new homes abound. Below is a peek at just a few techniques implemented by DeStefano Architects on behalf of its clients.

Necessary Evil
No one wants to look at a home's mechanicals - ugly boilers, water heaters, circuit breakers - let alone allot precious space to them. If a lower living area is going to be lived in rather than be a dedicated basement, creating an oversized closet to house the mechanicals will keep them out of sight. In the case of homes that cannot have a basement, such as those in areas with high water tables, putting mechanicals in the attic is a great solution. Whether above or below ground, they function the same.

Book Worms Rejoice
People who love books never seem to have enough room to store them. When designing a home, stairs and landings can be laid out to accommodate built-in bookshelves. Doing so provides wonderful additional storage without sacrificing space in a home's primary living areas. Space can also be found under the eaves of converted attic rooms by building in bookcases. When adding dormer windows, consider building in a window seat flanked by bookshelves for a cozy reading nook.

Let There be Light
On the seacoast, power outages are common. Large homes can require a generator the size of a VW bus. Finding an out of the way place to house such a generator or any other large piece of equipment isn't easy. With advance planning during the design phase of a home, however, large storage spaces can be carved out in surprising areas such as underneath outbuildings.

Entertaining in Style
You have the latest and greatest in T.V. and stereo equipment, but want it tucked out of the way. Incorporating a built-in entertainment center under the stairs is a creative design solution to implement during the construction phase of your home.

Dual Purpose Features
Trying to squeeze a pool into a tight footprint is challenging. An innovative approach is to claim a foundation wall of a home during its design phase as one side of the pool. Doing so spares valuable square footage.

Lofty Ideas
Lofts are wonderful soaring spaces that have many storage possibilities. Their high ceilings provide ample room to construct an out of the way, high off the floor storage area for seasonal items.


DeStefano Architects believes in the "build better, not bigger" approach to residential architecture. Should you be facing any challenges due to limited space, we would be happy to brainstorm with you to find a solution. Additional space saving ideas can be found in Susan Susanka?s books including Creating the Not So Big House, The Not So Big House and Not So Big Solutions for Your Home.

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