Located in the beautiful historic district of a quaint New England island, the existing home was a 1940s house with a 1970s addition. As the home was meaningful to the fabric of the peaceful community, extensive approvals were sought and granted from the local Historic District Commision. The result is a beautiful four-story home, neatly tucked into the rock of the surrounding landscape.

The jewel of the home is an extraordinary central staircase, gracefully designed ot serve the homeowners for many years. Much of the home was redesigned around this single commanding feature.

Achieving more than an average home's circulation requirement, the grand stair was fashioned with low rise, long-run stairs and multiple landings to serve in resting spots. With over 200 linear feet of bookshelves, there is plenty of space to house distinguished artifacts and book collections, gathered from travels around the world.

Amenities of the home include a garden room, a deck off the spacious living room, a high end kitchen with breakfast nook, a library, four bedrooms including a bunkroom for the grandchildren, a home office, an elevator and a perch overlooking the Piscataqua River.


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